Our Products

Seed Corn

Lanehaven Farms started growing seed corn in 2006, and we pride ourselves on offering precise, high-quality service to seed partners. And our progressive stance toward technology and processes means our partners can expect that service to keep getting better.

Commercial Corn

The majority of the commercial corn we produce feeds our hog operation. Our milling operation grinds and mixes all our own feed. It’s one more way we ensure good stewardship, but it also allows us to ensure we’re supplying the healthiest, highest-quality pork possible.  


We grow soybeans on an every-other-year rotation with the corn crop. Lanehaven Farms’ trucking operation transports these soybeans to regional processing plants, then returns with feed ingredients, such as soybean meal and dried distillers’ grains, for the milling and hog operation. 


Consistent with our core values of CustomerWOW, Stewardship, and being Progressive, we continually strive to better understand consumers’ desires. That is why we are excited about our organic offerings. We apply modern best-management practices and technology to emerging concepts in organic and regenerative agriculture to sustainably produce healthy, high-quality grain.


Lanehaven Farms has specialized in hog farming since 1972. We focus on adopting best practices in areas including biosecurity, animal health, and a secure food supply. In other words, we ensure our hogs are well cared for, so consumers can count on getting the healthy pork they expect.